Bitcoin ETF rejected today. Price dips by 15%

Bitcoin had been soaring in recent days on the anticipation of a ruling by the SEC on the listing of a bitcoin backed ETF. It jumped to $1279.00 in the last hour before the result was announced. Then moments later it was down to $1150.00 and later reached as low as $1060.00


The event today was an important ruling by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that rejected the proposed Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF [a trading exchange similar to Forex and the stock market]

The reason the ETF was not approved, according to the SEC, was because bitcoin is “too susceptible to fraud due to its unregulated nature.”

This is quite wry coming from the ultra-corrupt and anti-free market SEC. The market needs no regulation by an outside and violent entity (government) operating through the use of stolen funds (taxes) to manipulate, extort and attack people who do not pay enough bribes (political donations).

Bitcoin, in fact, is perfectly regulated the way it should be. By the blockchain itself. Bitcoin is 100% regulated by the blockchain which is a ledger system that is completely transparent, available to all, and unchangeable by any one entity.

In fact, “regulation” in and of itself is a tool used by branches of crime syndicates such as the SEC. Luckily, bitcoin cannot actually be regulated by the SEC, which makes it far more secure and less susceptible to manipulation and corruption.

Many in the bitcoin community were quite happy to hear that the SEC did not approve the ETF. Aside from not wanting the blessings of a corrupt, criminal entity they also said it limits the ability of some to manipulate the market, via shorting and other means that would be made easier via the ETF.

We now live in a very digital world. The largest population today is not China’s. It’s the internet. The largest economy in the world is not the United States. It’s the internet. The largest postal carrier is not the DHL, UPS or FEDEX. It’s the internet.

Bitcoin is internet’s money. It’s the defacto currency adopted by those on the internet. It has no state nor borders. No bank can control it. It’s not about “what country will adopt bitcoin first”. It’s about bitcoin not needing a country to exist.

That is what makes bitcoin so valuable. And, it is not going away anytime soon.

If you aren’t yet using Bitcoin, you are missing out on a very swift, easy and cheap way of transacting money. If you have not yet purchased any Bitcoin yet, you are missing on a massive earning potential. In the past year alone, the price of Bitcoin tripled, that’s 300% gain for those who had it already. In the coming year it will possibly reach around $2500-$3000 and then it will continue to rise due to its limited supply and ever increasing demand.

This is just a projection, but one that has been agreed and shared by almost every financial expert in the field. Make no mistake, Bitcoin is a must-have in any online entrepreneur’s portfolio. Don’t let it pass you by.


Bitcoin – the revolution

2016 will go down as the year when we [the marketing world] embraced Bitcoin.
We started 2016 with some knowledge of the digital currency that has been growing since 2009 [it took us a while, I admit] but once we added Bitcoin in the game things took of and it was really a no-brainer. For a community that earns their income online it makes perfect sense to use this online currency. Surprisingly, it appears that Bitcoin makes things easier rather than complex, but most importantly, the fees are minuscule and that means you get more from your earnings to yourself. 
I bought my first Bitcoin in late Spring for about $425 and I still remember how disappointed I was with myself for an earlier rejection to the idea, at a time when Bitcoin was a mere $130 some years back. Nevertheless, a firm believer in the digital coin, I am happy to see Bitcoin reaching for the $1000 mark. It is something that many early investors are waiting for and it’s happening already.
Well, we are closing the year with a rough price of $950 and up.
What is he future of Bitcoin in 2017? More ups or downs? That is the question on everyone’s lips. Those who came in late and bought it in the past month are going to watch it with trepidation, stress about every little dip in the chart of course but one thing is for sure: Bitcoin will keep rising, it is still the only real crypto on the market that offers usability aside from the general investment outlook which will keep its rising popularity. And there is even a chance that it may hit the mainstream public. And if that happens, we might see it shoot straight up.
A few factors are needed if this is going to happen and the first one is : Promotion.
If we are to see the general public going mad for the coin it has to be marketed correctly. Through the mainstream media. And this is already happening. Financial outlets like newspapers and magazines have been banging on about it for years. It’s time for something more attractive and it’s coming in the shape of a full feature movie. Yes, in 2017 we are to have the first major movie about the revolution of the digital currency and it’s opening really soon.
“Banking on Bitcoin” is a feature film on Bitcoin, its history and future.
Set to be released on January 6, 2017. Produced by Gravitas Ventures, the film will be launched at select theatres and will also be made available on VOD.

The  film covers the most disruptive digital invention since the Internet. It follows the ideological battle underway between fringe utopists and mainstream capitalism. An in-depth coverage of key players in the space including Charlie Shrem, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Barry Silbert, Erik Voorhees, Nathanial Popper, Alex Winter and more gives an insight into how they think this revolutionary cryptocurrency technology will shape our lives.

Could that be the next big push that is needed to carry on the ever growing popularity of Bitcoin into the mainstream and will that help the price reach the long awaited $2000 price value of the currency is yet to be seen but one thing is for sure. Bitcoin is here to stay and 2017 will be crucial year for its development and growth. Many governments are looking at utilising the Bitcoin and if successful they will do more damage to the currency than we would have expected but will they succeed is still questionable.

2017 will be a really interesting year for Bitcoin and we are all eager to find out what is coming.

Happy New Year everyone!

Which Bitcoin Card is the best?

I get this question a lot these days. Which is the best Bitcoin Card provider or What’s the best BTC card is what I get most of the time.

In fact, it is hard to point out to one only because the Bitcoin card providers are not too many yet and their fees and limits are pretty similar.

I did an extensive research and I found that the top three ones : Xapo, Wirex and Cryptopay have very little variation in their charges.

Ah, charges… most people hate the idea but to my experience, companies that operate with money have to be able to provide excellent service and that is costly too you know 😉

So to make it easier, I compiled the key factors for each major BTC card  processor in this table below.
In short:
-Each card issuer charges a dollar (or a euro) for maintenance which amounts to $12 a year
-Fees on withdrawals are mostly around $3.50 or 3% and the fees on purchases are often the same
-Most of them do not charge you to load funds in
-Many of them allow around $2000 daily withdrawals
-Most have limitations for non-verified users

… so the question really is about functionality. Some cards may be restricted in certain regions, so the best thing to do will be to pick a couple of these and go to their websites and research their full T&Cs and Charges so you can make the right choice. This screenshot will hopefully save you some time and will be you shortcut to making the right decision. Good luck 🙂


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What is a Revshare and How do you make money with these?

Many people are still confused as to what exactly is a revshare. Is it an investment? Is it a company? Advertising program? Traffic source? All of the above? none?

The three most common questions I get on Facebook are:

● What is a revshare?

● How can I make money with it?

● What do I have to do to earn extra income?

How To Work With Revshares…


the DO’s and DON’Ts of working with REVSHARES

To find out which revshare I am in and I recommend to my team and connections go HERE.

Why Duplication is the Key to Success.

There is a familiar thread which runs through all massively and even moderately successful Network Marketers, they have all applied one very simple principle. The principle is that of ‘duplication’. Duplication is an absolute corner stone of success in Network Marketing and MLM. I will even go so far as to say that if the network marketing business does not posses the ability to duplicate their efforts, business is doomed to failure!

What is Duplication?
Network Marketing or MLM businesses are effectively organisations or networks of people who are all building the same business. Someone develops a business model, be it product or service based, and he (or she) figures out how to make it work, they put in place a ‘system’ or ‘success formula’ that an affiliate is able to duplicate or copy, therefore guaranteeing success. At least, that’s the principle.

Individuals, team leaders and successful marketers are using this same principle in their approach to building their teams and businesses. In simple terms, we’re talking about the ability to pass on your experience and teach your team to follow what you do with the tools you use and ultimately, to help them achieve the results you have.

As an online marketer I have experienced it first hand, without duplication there is no long-term sustainability in your business. If my downline fails to make a profit from their use of the system, they will not be able to stay with it for long therefore my team goes weak. Even if I were to constantly recruit and gain new members,  I cannot continue doing so indefinitely.

This is why I say you need Duplication. Your Success Depends on This.
Fortunately, duplication is one of the first principles that any successful leader in the MLM industry will teach to their organisation. After all, another key success principle in MLM is that in order to succeed, you absolutely must help others to succeed first. You have to be generous with your time, patience and really set out to help people. You cannot be too self-centered or ego-driven either, because your own results will not apply to your downline and you must not mislead in your early attempts as this only hinder your team progress.

Let’s look at an example:

The network marketer contacts one of their prospects to discuss the idea of the prospect becoming an affilliate, the prospect responds with “Yes, that sounds great, but, are you making any money?”
How should the network marketer respond to this question?
You will notice that we don’t know if the network marketer in this example is incredibly successful or if they are brand new to the business. In either case, the response is critical, and in either case it should be the same. You see, we teach by doing. In MLM people will need to be able to duplicate your efforts.
So, the wrong response would be “Yes, I’m making $$$ thousand a month and it’s great, you should look at it!”

Why is this wrong?

Quite simply, it cannot be duplicated. The new network marketer will not be able to say this to their prospects, at least not honestly.
The correct response would be “My upline team are incredibly successful, they have developed large organisations and we are working together to find more like minded people to work with” Why is this correct? Again, very simple, it can easily be duplicated! The new network marketer can use this exact same technique in their business.
This is just one working example, there are many, many situations where duplication and the ability to duplicate need to be considered. The principle of duplication must be taught very early on in the network marketing business owner’s career if they are to succeed and achieve and experience rapid growth in their organisation
In Short:

The key to success in network marketing and MLM is duplication, it is also in the ability to teach duplication. Teaching this principle early on will help your organisation grow and duplicate rapidly. Helping others to become successful in this technique is a cornerstone of building large network marketing organisations.
Depending on how you go about getting leads is also going to be a factor. It is important to create a lead generation method that others can follow. The last thing you want to do is have your newcomers become overwhelmed because they cannot figure out how to do something. Keep it simple, and do whatever it takes to help them get off to a good start. Simplifying the process for your new team members, and helping them create early success will help to create a stable team, as opposed to people coming and going all of the time.


Scam Alert – why can’t you trust Trusty Finance?

I noticed that many new marketers are becoming more and more eager to join every new program that is being thrown at them.
Since I became more involved with revshares and hyip programs that earn higher figures, I expanded my social media network of marketing professionals. However, many appear to be less than professional in their approach. I have been exposed to scams and trick masters from my early childhood, my father had a massive loss of his own in a financial scheme that did not work and my approach is one with a great deal of doubt in every new venture I come across.
I spend time to research the offer, try to join at least 5 groups that are using the programme, if I can find out who the admins (owners) are, this will be a major plus (given their Facebook profiles aren’t fake of course, this happens a lot).
I also gather personal feedback from the people in my own network and those I trust or follow. Once you connect with the top players in this market,  you start seeing the same faces in many of the groups and that helps your research too.
I also like to keep an eye on the program for a couple of weeks and make sure the groups discussions don’t raise any red flags.

Which brings me to this new thing called Trusty Finance.
I heard about it nearly 10 days ago and started my usual research on them. I found little information besides the usual promotion and a some facebook groups with mixed reviews.
Not a great sign.
That wasn’t entirely satisfying, so I entered my waiting period. If in the next 2-3 weeks are a smooth sail, I could consider giving it a try.


Today I did my follow up on the program with yet another search in Facebook and Google etc and I found more bad feedback, coming from a few people and one particularly clear (although not so much grammatically) message which I attach here.

I didn’t have to wait too long before the worst of all Red Flags was raised. Not Paying.
So, to conclude, please do as much research as possible and base decisions on at least some figures.

Trusty Finance is not a website that I will be investing with. In fact, I shall keep as far from it as possible.






Goals or Targets? What is the difference.

You’ve probably heard many people, gurus, leaders and experts, all talking about the importance of having a goal. Something that keeps your determination and you are striving for, that keeps you going and doing whatever it is you’re dping.
Goals are very, very important.
Alongside with your personal Why, which is the very reason for your being on this journey to success or affluence, (however you wish to call it), having one or a few solid Goals is the next crucial factor toward your progress.
But there is something even more important for our progress, especially for short term successes. These goals need to be narrowed down into series of targets.

You see, Goals are very important indeed, for they are the basis, the core of your motivation, but very easily, our motivation can be crushed by an early failure, rejection of a  kind, an overload of complex new matter and tools that you need to learn from a scratch and so on. Sound familiar? I know it first hand. Like every other state of our mind or spirit, Motivation needs nurturing and continuous stimuli.
This is when we need to utilise characteristics like responsibility and competitive spirit. Both are responding to targets and this is howTargets are a necessary nutrient to your Motivation.
A Goal can be rather unspecific, something like, “I want to have financial freedom”, “I want to be rich”, “I want to make millions”…and so on, you get the point. Great goals but too loose and unspecific. We need to turn these into Targets.
A Target should have set limits for both the time and the scale (size) of the end result.
For instance, “I want to sell X amount of units until the end of next month”. Now this will help you be more accountable to yourself and you’ll be chasing every sale and reaching toward that target on a daily basis. Now your motivation is on fire and your focus is fixed, itnis much more likely that you will hit that target (provided it was not a totally unreasonable of course – common sense need not be abandoned).
Another example, this time for a mid-term target would be, “I want to get X amount of leads by the end of this quarter.” – Now your deadline is not too tight, but the numbers would be higher and you should still be waking up 2 hours too soon and jumping out of bed to start your day. And you will be motivated by your own productivity and passion too.
A generic Goal won’t do that.