I get this question a lot these days. Which is the best Bitcoin Card provider or What’s the best BTC card is what I get most of the time.

In fact, it is hard to point out to one only because the Bitcoin card providers are not too many yet and their fees and limits are pretty similar.

I did an extensive research and I found that the top three ones : Xapo, Wirex and Cryptopay have very little variation in their charges.

Ah, charges… most people hate the idea but to my experience, companies that operate with money have to be able to provide excellent service and that is costly too you know 😉

So to make it easier, I compiled the key factors for each major BTC card  processor in this table below.
In short:
-Each card issuer charges a dollar (or a euro) for maintenance which amounts to $12 a year
-Fees on withdrawals are mostly around $3.50 or 3% and the fees on purchases are often the same
-Most of them do not charge you to load funds in
-Many of them allow around $2000 daily withdrawals
-Most have limitations for non-verified users

… so the question really is about functionality. Some cards may be restricted in certain regions, so the best thing to do will be to pick a couple of these and go to their websites and research their full T&Cs and Charges so you can make the right choice. This screenshot will hopefully save you some time and will be you shortcut to making the right decision. Good luck 🙂


I just realised that the image cannot be opened larger, so please message me on Facebook and I will send you the large file.
My Facebook is: https://goo.gl/7fRuDH


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