Old-school Network Marketing was primarily focusing on promoting one business, a big company that you associate with and become their distributor or affiliate and build up your business on the back of their name. Nothing wrong with that module in my eyes,  but in Online Marketing things work differently. For a start,  there are the risks involved in most online programs due to the lack of physical offices or appropriate regulation by any one authority over the code of practice applied in their module, then there are other implications coming from the volatile structure of the world wide web market in general. And especially when working with revshares,  which is a prime source of income in my case, there are always risks of oversaturation with big earners in the business which eventually leads to sustainability issues in the long run.

This is why I am all about multiple streams of income and have been building an online portfolio for the past 18 months. I started with my first revshare and built up my account there for the first 6 months. I then added a second program which I funded wtih my first withdrawals from my first program. This enabled mw to start making passive income from 2 sources without the need for an extra expense. I then applied that method to my next programs that I added and this is the main process in my online portfolio building.

It is inevitable that you need to diversify your online portfolio and to here is a quick video to explain what I mean by that.


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