I noticed that many new marketers are becoming more and more eager to join every new program that is being thrown at them.
Since I became more involved with revshares and hyip programs that earn higher figures, I expanded my social media network of marketing professionals. However, many appear to be less than professional in their approach. I have been exposed to scams and trick masters from my early childhood, my father had a massive loss of his own in a financial scheme that did not work and my approach is one with a great deal of doubt in every new venture I come across.
I spend time to research the offer, try to join at least 5 groups that are using the programme, if I can find out who the admins (owners) are, this will be a major plus (given their Facebook profiles aren’t fake of course, this happens a lot).
I also gather personal feedback from the people in my own network and those I trust or follow. Once you connect with the top players in this market,  you start seeing the same faces in many of the groups and that helps your research too.
I also like to keep an eye on the program for a couple of weeks and make sure the groups discussions don’t raise any red flags.

Which brings me to this new thing called Trusty Finance.
I heard about it nearly 10 days ago and started my usual research on them. I found little information besides the usual promotion and a some facebook groups with mixed reviews.
Not a great sign.
That wasn’t entirely satisfying, so I entered my waiting period. If in the next 2-3 weeks are a smooth sail, I could consider giving it a try.


Today I did my follow up on the program with yet another search in Facebook and Google etc and I found more bad feedback, coming from a few people and one particularly clear (although not so much grammatically) message which I attach here.

I didn’t have to wait too long before the worst of all Red Flags was raised. Not Paying.
So, to conclude, please do as much research as possible and base decisions on at least some figures.

Trusty Finance is not a website that I will be investing with. In fact, I shall keep as far from it as possible.







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