One of the top revshares which for the longest time has been considered to be the most reliable and secure company on the market has been in muddy waters recently because of their unwise move to bring Paypal on board. It has been a known fact for a long while that Paypal freezes accounts on “money laundering” basis especially those who are involved with revenue sharing programmes and it has now happened to Traffic Monsoon.
The owner of TM Charles Scoville today made the following detailed statement:

“Traffic Monsoon’s attorney has spoken at length with PayPal’s legal counsel after they received our demand letter. PayPal’s counsel was pleasant and sounded like he wanted to be accommodating. Their focus was on how quickly Traffic Monsoon grew and the “risk” the growth created for PayPal. They recognize people are saying Traffic Monsoon is a scam simply because PayPal is holding onto funds during this separation stage, which PayPal has indicated they will be holding onto funds for a max if 180 days (and review each 30 days how much they will release in those intervals). These funds are meant to pay our members, and since we can’t use them at this time to pay people, it’s causing negativity against me, and the company.
Before this, Traffic Monsoon had a very good relationship with PayPal, and with our members. In fact, many members around th world have met with Charles Scoville, taken photos with him, had meals with him, and also met his son Taylor. Everything was running smoothly except for some growth pains which brought challenges in providing better customer service to our members. Traffic Monsoon is operating legally. That’s not the problem, but people in forums, groups, blogs, etc have recently suggested Traffic Monsoon isn’t legal, or is a scam simply because PayPal is holding onto funds meant to pay people their earnings from their accounts. This is a wrong jump to the wrong conclusion.There’s always been haters who are seeking the destruction of Traffic Monsoon’s success ever since launch. Be aware of that, and persist through their negative statements. They only wish to cause you long-term harm because you’re benefiting from a company they wish to destroy. They pretend to wish to help you open your eyes to some truth, but the truth actually is Traffic Monsoon is booming, and the growth scared PayPal. It wasn’t the volume, but the big jumps in sales from month to month.We are working with PayPal to release the funds, and see if they can release a general statement to our customers to explain their reason for holding the funds: “Traffic Monsoon grew too fast in too short amount of time.” This growth should be seen as a good thing by our members, and the public as a whole. Having this issue with PayPal is causing the opposite effect, and we’re working to find a way to keep this a positive thing going forward with strategic partnerships.If you think Traffic Monsoon is a scam, then you don’t understand the business properly. I recommend reading the website, and watching the video “How It Works”

In my own experience I know first hand that if a revshare programme is working with Paypal,  that is not good news and hence why I never wanted to use Traffic Monsoon although I have an account with them. My preference is for MAPs which is far more secure and it’s run much better than TM and recently I joined Fort Ad Pays and it’s so fast and reliable, so these are the only two revshares that I would recommend to my friends and family.
Read my article about these two HERE


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