Like many others, I have been wanting for many years to find a way to make money online, at the click of a mouse, from any corner of the world, without the restrictions of an office or a boss over my head. My goal is: having more time to travel and explore, take pictures of wild and exotic lands, jungles and deserts. As a creative, I had one big obstacle though: I don’t understand economics and markets, nor shares or bonds and all that other stuff. So for a while I was just hoping that at some point in my life I will figure it out, I will find one way or another, some business module that will be simple enough for me to achive my goals.
I used to have a high risk bank account that was operating with market shares value and FTSE100 but in 2008 that made a loss and I got back a little less than I originally invested, so this is when I realised that money in the bank, even with an investment option is not going to make me a stable passive income and I made the decision to operate with my money differently. I explored other avenues like affiliate marketing which works but involves selling a product and marketing it online, which is how I came across a few online platforms also known as Revshares – networks of people like myself placing their ads on their websites with Pay-Per-Click modules, so I  joined the two most popular. While I didn’t get many sales from my adverts there, I was able to make earnings from the advertising packs that I was purchasing:  you see, every ad pack I bought, offered me not only credits for placing my ads, but also a return of investment (ROI) at 120% over a short period of time. In other words, that’s 20% profit which compared to the 2% of my savings account with Barclays was a massive jump.


So, what are these Rev-share programs and how did they become the new boom in online marketing and advertising?

Revshares are companies that function as advertising platforms for online marketers and offer plans that secure residual, passive income to their members. If you haven’t heard about revshares, it is because they appeared only a few years ago and were rapidly embraced by the online marketing communities by offering a much faster earning potential and higher ROI to the already popular MLM (multi-level marketing) matrix systems that most online marketers had previously established.

But what do they do, you might ask?

When an ad is displayed on any website, blog or social network, that exposure and clicks are charged by the company to the client who purchased the ad space. The companies flood your daily social feed with ads that they charge for, but as a user you are not offered a percentage or reward for being subjected to their promotions, they just take that revenue entirely for their gain.
The revenue sharing programmes (Revshares) have a different approach. It is such that the members of the program are required to surf a number of ads each day, which creates traffic to the website. The more traffic they have, the higher they’re ranking worldwide and the more advertisers they attract, thus increasing the company’s daily revenue.
Since this is a revenue sharing program, they share (between 80% -90%) their revenue with their members on a daily, infact hourly basis. Members earn money thanks to the ad packs that they buy from that program and their revenue is calculated on the basis of how many active ad packs they own in that program. These ad packs have double function: they provide you with advertising credits to use for your own promotions and they earn you revenue portion of the daily earnings of that network. This is in short how things work.

If you do your reserach, you will find that in the past year alone, this business model became increasingly popular and while there are a few leaders on the market, with established reliable and growing business, many of the newly founded businesses are operating on a copycat formula and do not have the necessary experience or a big enough professional workforce to sustain the business for longer than a few months and they eventually go out of business, sometimes before the 6-month mark. I only focus now on NEW Revshares that I find in prelaunch and the earlier I can start, the better. The best profits are made in these first 3-5 months.
I wrote another blog HERE to present to you my latest opportunities so have a look.


This is possibly one of the easiest ways to make some extra cash or even (like my mentor) to turn this into a full-time occupation, making up to $5000 a day and more. With most of these programs, you will be surfing 10 ads per day to keep your ad packs active and with as little as $500 or even $200 initial investment and the right strategy you can achive a daily withdrawal rate of at least $100, if you have the tenacity and patience to go through a few ads on a daily basis. I know I do.

Of course, for anyone who has a computer or smartphone and Internet access, this is not an issue and is easy, simple and most importantly – very profitable. Some people create a whole new lifestyle on the back of these new opportunities, people with vast networks of referrals make up to a few thousand dollars per day, thanks to the very lucrative compensation plans they receive from these programmes.

Quite skeptical at first about this business model, I avoided any of them for some time. However, at a certain point I fell to the temptation to make a residual income for myself without selling anything and with referring people as I keep my full time job which I love so I joined my first revenue sharing program.
That was back in early 2015 I am happy I did it, because my results are really impressive and I did this all by myself and I managed to reach to the point where I withdrew my first 5000 dollars just before Christmas which helped tremendously with the festive season’s heavy expenses.
Since then I expanded my network on Facebook, joined a few groups and started making new connections, many of whom are marketing professionals.
I now have a vast network of people whom I trust an exchange information on a daily basis, so these days I need to know much more before I join a new program. I even want to know the admins (owners) and get offers from some of them directly, this of course comes with time and

If you follow this blog, you will see my updates about the top revshares and how they progress as time goes by.
It is also important to mention that with time these programs, like most businesses, grow to a certain point, reach a peak and then start imploding, loosing popularity and therefore shrinking their revenue, which in result brings less money to their members and inevitably they would go out of favour and will be replaced by new ones, with more attractive offers and better structures, so my personal advice would be to find the right strategy for you and not get too attached to your first revshare. It is safe to say that a typical life-span of a stable revshare is about 2 years. This is for those that are genuine and not a copycat system. There are also those who are started by a bunch of amateurs, kids who think that a decent programmer and a decent promoter is enough to run a business. Be aware of such “home-made” revshares for they cannot sustain themselves under the pressure of the over-saturated market.
It is necessary that you do a lot of research when choosing which one to join. That research should be as thorough as possible. Here is the program I’m currently promoting,  if interested go here.

If you want to know the key points about working with Revshares, read HERE


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